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Curved Ceiling at Blackpool

Anthony Chadley - Thursday, November 26, 2015
We are really pleased with how this project turned out. We supplied Hexan Ceilings Ltd with profiles for Blackpool Adult Training Centre and everyone was delighted with a job well done. Steve Clark of Hexan was really struggling with getting these products manufactured and supplied until he contacted us, and after a few samples were provided, agreed that aask us Ltd offered the perfect solution. See if we can help you, email our sales team at


New name and logo for the AIS

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

After many months of debating and discussions, the new name for the AIS after it's merger has finally arrived.


The name is The FIS, with a total re-branded logo and design.


Personally I think it looks very retro and harks back to the '80s but in fairness it must have been difficult to come up with something that stands out. It will be interesting to hear feedback from other members.


Take a look at the new website at

Allocating time achieves results!

Anthony Chadley - Thursday, February 26, 2015

After 10 years of running aask us Ltd, I reached a “light bulb” moment recently, and realised that sometimes it is more productive to allocate time and really drill down on a situation to get the right result.

So how did this moment arrive, and who should I thank?

Well it was actually down to the Government, which also gave aask us our first taste of “real” funding and support in 10 years!

UKTI is set up to offer businesses practical help in increasing their exports. Part of the process is a compulsory 2 day workshop, which in itself nearly put me off, but the nice UKTI chap said it was essential, so off I went to the “winning and delivering business overseas” course (at least it was free food and an overnight stay as compensation I thought).

The course is a mixture of practical workshops, lectures and discussions which drill down into what each business has to offer, both as a product and service. Alongside that were 12 or so other participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, from the physical; dog collars, pottery and security, to the on-line world of cyber crime, consultancy and energy management. This gave us all a time to discuss our businesses, our management roles and how we work things out, with a range of diverse and interesting people.

The 2 days were an excellent way to reflect on how I look at the business, not just for exporting, but also in the general way in which it is run. I managed to come to a few conclusions that will really help shape the company over the coming weeks, months and years, something that during a busy day to day work schedule I have never really had chance to focus on in great detail.



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