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Our new Apprentice Elliott

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, April 20, 2016


aask us Ltd are delighted to welcome Elliott to the company on a three year Engineering Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship. Elliott joined the company on 1st March, already one year into an Apprenticeship course, and has quickly settled into our Sheet Metal division based in Brackley. Elliott is excited to be part of our new enterprise, and has already become a key member of the team. As part of his training Elliott visited London to see some of our products in-situ, and was very impressed with the quality of the installation. Elliott said "It was really useful to see where the product goes, and just to get an idea of how every component is part of a big jigsaw. It was also good to hear that aask us was such an important part of making sure the sites kept on programme". We would like to thank SIG Southwark, Integra Contracts at One Marbledon Place and Measom Dryline at Seagrove Road site.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, February 10, 2016



aask us are delighted to announce that we have been certified to ISO9001:2008 as having assessed and approved Management Systems, Standards and Guidelines for "The fabrication and supply of metal components for ceilings, walls and buildings."


Apprentice in Sheet Metal Engineering

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, January 20, 2016


We have an exciting opportunity in our new Sheet Metal production facility. If you are looking for a career in Engineering, with training in all aspects of Sheet Metal production; Guillotine, CNC Brake Press, CNC Turret Punch, Welding etc., with time off for College training and support, then please send your details in the first instance to;


Further information; This position is for a full time post, based in our Brackley factory.

aask us Ltd is the leading manufacturer of aluminium trims and profiles for the Interior fit-out of buildings, and due to increased demand have expanded into the supply of bespoke metal components. The Head Office and main production facility is based in a 7500 sq.ft factory in Bicester. The new 6000 sq.ft factory opened in August 2015 and contains all the latest machinery to ensure all production is in-house. 



John Lewis at Basingstoke

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, January 13, 2016
aask us have recently completed the manufacture of 215 bespoke ceiling fins for the new John Lewis ‘Home Hub’ in Basingstoke as part of a recently completed combined JL and Waitrose new build project.


The fins and suspension brackets have been produced at our new sheet metal production facility. We have noticed a trend over the last year or so with a large number of enquiries where clients want to make a feature out of the ceilings. This demand led to our investment in an additional factory, containing all the latest machinery where we can cut and fold metal to almost any shape.

The installation was completed by Sherwood Interiors Ltd; Darren Killeen from Sherwood Interiors said: “The design called for an open solution where the ceiling was more about aesthetics than acoustics. Working in the retail sector poses many challenges, and we have found that to retain clients a contractor has to meet every new design with an open mind. We have worked with aask us for many years, and trust in their knowledge and ability to produce what is required without any drama. The installation was critical as everything is seen, and we had to strategically place purpose made suspension components to coordinate with the proposed lighting and signage scheme".


Please contact our sales team by email; if you have a requirement where we can help.



More pictures to follow soon!

COP 21 - What can we do?

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

We are all becoming more aware of the forces of nature, and the effects it will have in our lifetime, and even more concerning how it will change in generations to come.


But what are you doing about it? What choices can you make? Do you make “sustainable” choices when selecting products for the building?


The use of sustainable building materials is only one part of the answer to the environmental issues that affect us all, but it is an increasingly important decision. By using aluminium products you can chose a material whose production has minimal long term impact to the environment, is sustainable in terms of hundreds of years and endlessly recyclable. Aluminium can rightly be said to be the ultimate building material and the building material of choice for the future.


When the old Wembley Stadium was demolished 96% of the aluminium was reclaimed and recycled. The recycling process creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium and also uses just 5% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminium.


The life cycle of aluminium products is measured in terms of decades rather than years. As a building material it is durable, requiring little long term maintenance. It is resistant to corrosion and common industrial pollutants giving aluminium products a much longer life cycle even in extreme environmental conditions. The EAA (European Aluminium Association) calls aluminium a ‘cradle to cradle’ material because although a particular product may have an end of life, aluminium as a material can be continually recycled and manufactured into new products.


The use of aluminium in architecture and construction is growing in popularity. At aask us Ltd, over 97% of our products are manufactured in aluminium, making us one of the most environmentally aware suppliers in the industry.


The use of sustainable building materials is only one part of the answer to the environmental issues that affect us all. By using aluminium products you can chose a material whose production has minimal long term impact to the environment, is sustainable in terms of hundreds of years and endlessly recyclable. Aluminium; the ultimate building material, and choice for the future.


If you need further information then contact our sales team;


If you would like to know more about COP 21 or the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15) then visit the website;

Curved Ceiling at Blackpool

Anthony Chadley - Thursday, November 26, 2015
We are really pleased with how this project turned out. We supplied Hexan Ceilings Ltd with profiles for Blackpool Adult Training Centre and everyone was delighted with a job well done. Steve Clark of Hexan was really struggling with getting these products manufactured and supplied until he contacted us, and after a few samples were provided, agreed that aask us Ltd offered the perfect solution. See if we can help you, email our sales team at


New Production Facility

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, October 14, 2015

aask us Ltd has recently completed and commissioned an additional 6,000 Sq.ft factory to increase capacity from 7,500 Sq.ft to 13,500 Sq.ft and further expand bespoke metalwork capabilities.


Our expansion and update now provides the following;

Additional 6000 Sq.ft production

New 4 Mtr, CNC Turret Punch

New 4 Mtr, CNC Press Brake

New 4 Mtr, Guillotine

Additional 4 staff, with sheet metal experience.

This will complement our existing product range of profiles for suspended ceilings and drylining.


We can now offer full in-house design, programming, production, powdercoating of special panels, bulkheads, angles and plates for use in the Interior fit-out industry.



More information and website update to follow soon!






New name and logo for the AIS

Anthony Chadley - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

After many months of debating and discussions, the new name for the AIS after it's merger has finally arrived.


The name is The FIS, with a total re-branded logo and design.


Personally I think it looks very retro and harks back to the '80s but in fairness it must have been difficult to come up with something that stands out. It will be interesting to hear feedback from other members.


Take a look at the new website at

Allocating time achieves results!

Anthony Chadley - Thursday, February 26, 2015

After 10 years of running aask us Ltd, I reached a “light bulb” moment recently, and realised that sometimes it is more productive to allocate time and really drill down on a situation to get the right result.

So how did this moment arrive, and who should I thank?

Well it was actually down to the Government, which also gave aask us our first taste of “real” funding and support in 10 years!

UKTI is set up to offer businesses practical help in increasing their exports. Part of the process is a compulsory 2 day workshop, which in itself nearly put me off, but the nice UKTI chap said it was essential, so off I went to the “winning and delivering business overseas” course (at least it was free food and an overnight stay as compensation I thought).

The course is a mixture of practical workshops, lectures and discussions which drill down into what each business has to offer, both as a product and service. Alongside that were 12 or so other participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, from the physical; dog collars, pottery and security, to the on-line world of cyber crime, consultancy and energy management. This gave us all a time to discuss our businesses, our management roles and how we work things out, with a range of diverse and interesting people.

The 2 days were an excellent way to reflect on how I look at the business, not just for exporting, but also in the general way in which it is run. I managed to come to a few conclusions that will really help shape the company over the coming weeks, months and years, something that during a busy day to day work schedule I have never really had chance to focus on in great detail.

aask us celebrate 10 years

Anthony Chadley - Monday, September 22, 2014

August 2014 witnessed the milestone of 10 years since the start-up of aask us Ltd, the leading supplier of profiles for suspended ceilings and dry lining.

Anthony Chadley, Managing Director and owner remembers those early days, “We saw an area of the market that wasn’t being serviced adequately, and decided that a manufacturing company dedicated to providing aluminium profiles could really make a difference to the industry. In the beginning, we were just grateful to be working for ourselves and making our own decisions that benefitted our clients. All those extra hours eventually paid off and we have had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects with some of the best companies and people within the industry. We are pleased to say these relationships still exist today, relationships that have now become long term partnerships built on honesty, trust, support, consistent quality and an underlying respect for one another”.


aask us value their workforce and the important role they have played, Anthony continues “We have some great people here, we wouldn’t have made a success of our business for the last 10 years without them. The focus from top to bottom is on customer service, and getting it right gives everyone some real satisfaction and pride. We are a very close team, we make sure we train from within and as we develop and expand our product range the team gives valuable input, ensuring everyone feels part of the ongoing achievements”.


10 years has seen a lot of changes in the industry, and aask us will continue to adapt to make sure they remain at the forefront in developing new products and strategies to service this vital area of the fit-out sector.


Anthony and his team can be contacted on:
or call 01869 322321



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